Ooops, I did it Again

Michael W Ford



Upon reading all this bullshit, I needed to decompress in the way I love.  I then thought I would share this new and improved version.  I must say, keeping up with style and format was a bitch.  My computer was pissed, the file was constantly cover in green due the run on sentences.  I now see why all this is self-published.  I will admit, this wasn’t as funny as the first time, but it was still amazing bring out the forbidden Knowledge of the hunky nerd.  You will see several The that are suppose to be They, and I kept those as well.  Again, any writing errors you my find are done in the same manner as the original work.  Enjoy the Tome of Qayin.



I believe I was told to piss off.  Why should I, the Hell I have dealt with has been since day one of the Coven of the Seraphim.  Funny how all your weapons are being turned back against you bitch boi!

Why Dastur Adam Why?

Dastur Adam Daniels



I find this rather funny.  We got questionnaires about the Church of Ahriman by cowards who block us, people who lie and slander without actual knowledge, and now the internet curses have begun.  This silly RipOff Report, really.  Ok, I’m sooooo scared.  The Voiceless Master has still to defend himself.  Is Pomahazel Draconis, Ford?  Is this why he is a faceless and nameless profile on Facebook?  Who really is this face called Michael W Ford?  Where is it and why doesn’t stand-up for its self?  I mean damn, people in the Church’s facebook group are asking the same question.  Where is the dream demon Micheal W Ford, who is this dream demon of serial killers.  This Ed Gein wannabe that will write your name in blood from his main vein.  Yeah what ever, bring what you got to the table and lets see what will happen.  Remember Sweetheart, we talked about this back in October, you chose to be a flighty bitch.  The dead and the maggots that eat from them can and will be burned out.  Infest these nutz.


This was made for you because your to scared to work in the light, I bask in it!

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 Do people think we don’t interact with one another?  Anyway, keep it up because at the end of the day truth prevails over all things.  If my words about Ford’s works weren’t true, then why is there no defense?


Cain a Hero?

My continued study into the fictional religion, Luciferianism.  Has brought me to understand their core belief lays in the concept of Cain.  Our twisted buddy Michael W Ford, uses this to prey upon those who have been ostracized by their families for being different.  The Book of Cain begins this sick inception by giving folks who have been rejected, the warmth of the “dark” side.  Thus justifying the reasoning behind Ford’s perverse  ritualistic behaviors that range from self-mutilation, necrophilia, animal sacrifice, and trophy making.  All disturbing reflective behavior of Ed Gein.

Note that all Luciferinism core beliefs can be found in Gnostic Christianity which is where a majority of the bastardization  of the religion is birthed from.  Not lets go back into history of the story of Cain and Abel, which is based on a Sumerian story representing the conflict between nomadic shepherds and settled farmers.  This shows a period in history when man went from pack animals to domesticated tribes with higher intellectual pursuits.  Then Judaism added the moral story of murder being the worst offense against God.  The story then gets twisted throughout history.

In certain translations of the Torah, you will find a story of Cain being the not the son of Adam, but the son of Samuel or the serpent himself in the garden of eden.   According to the Apocryphon of John (Gnostic Christianity) is a continuance of this meta-morphing figure of “evil.”    Then the other Gnostic understanding of Cain being half-human and half-angel comes from the Hypostasis of the Archons, where Eve was raped by a pair of Archons.  Meaning of this rape is beyond me, other than to think Cain received both the seed of Good and Evil, thus showing demigod status similar to Jesus.

Now lets move forward in time.  Ford admitted to using fictional novels into his workings.  It seems one of these silly books was the Wandering Jew.  This spread like wild fire in medieval Europe, thus connecting Cain to being the eternal wanderer.  To break the story down, the Wandering Jew is damned to walk the Earth to the 2nd coming of Christ, hence the New Cain because of the murder of Christ.    This story is found even in modern times, the movie the Seventh Sign.  This movie goes over this story.

Then finally, Sabbatical Cain from Wicca or a variation there of, is the key concentric to the “magickal” practice of the combination of both Crowley and  Austin Spare thus creating the concept of the Witch’s Blood.  Now combine all this bullshit with Christian Gnosis, Jew Magic as blogged in a previous article titled Perverted Jew Magic, and Greek Mythology is the core understanding of this perverted fictional religion and fiction author.  Religion is not an excuse, to be a murdering deviant that is in search for forbidden knowledge.  Some things you can’t unsee or unlearn that will haunt you throughout this life and then next.  Don’t be fooled by those who wish to become like Ed Gein in the guise of a Messiah.

Dastur Adam Daniels

Dastur Adam Daniels


Allow myself, to, … Introduce  myself.  I am Dastur Adam Daniels, the scariest Devil worshiping maniac out there.  So they say.  Since my appearance in that beautiful red mask:


Till now, I’ve seem as an enigma.  I’m really not, I’m just a very busy motherfucker.  Writing books, blogs, and rituals along with creating videos makes one BUSY.  Then there is daily living with my 3 beautiful daughters, and goofy ol’lady.  Plus I work a full time job to boot.  So yes, I’m Busy as a bee busting my ass to make my way into the reality set before me.  Here is a way to approach me and talk to me at your own risk… LMAO!  Least my haters would have you believe that shit.  What ever!  This will be a personal blog that will go over church stuff and anything else I might like to talk about.  To the future, I Hail Myself, Hail Ahriman!  We shall talk again soon!