Dastur Adam Daniels

Dastur Adam Daniels


Allow myself, to, … Introduce  myself.  I am Dastur Adam Daniels, the scariest Devil worshiping maniac out there.  So they say.  Since my appearance in that beautiful red mask:


Till now, I’ve seem as an enigma.  I’m really not, I’m just a very busy motherfucker.  Writing books, blogs, and rituals along with creating videos makes one BUSY.  Then there is daily living with my 3 beautiful daughters, and goofy ol’lady.  Plus I work a full time job to boot.  So yes, I’m Busy as a bee busting my ass to make my way into the reality set before me.  Here is a way to approach me and talk to me at your own risk… LMAO!  Least my haters would have you believe that shit.  What ever!  This will be a personal blog that will go over church stuff and anything else I might like to talk about.  To the future, I Hail Myself, Hail Ahriman!  We shall talk again soon!


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