Why Dastur Adam Why?

Dastur Adam Daniels



I find this rather funny.  We got questionnaires about the Church of Ahriman by cowards who block us, people who lie and slander without actual knowledge, and now the internet curses have begun.  This silly RipOff Report, really.  Ok, I’m sooooo scared.  The Voiceless Master has still to defend himself.  Is Pomahazel Draconis, Ford?  Is this why he is a faceless and nameless profile on Facebook?  Who really is this face called Michael W Ford?  Where is it and why doesn’t stand-up for its self?  I mean damn, people in the Church’s facebook group are asking the same question.  Where is the dream demon Micheal W Ford, who is this dream demon of serial killers.  This Ed Gein wannabe that will write your name in blood from his main vein.  Yeah what ever, bring what you got to the table and lets see what will happen.  Remember Sweetheart, we talked about this back in October, you chose to be a flighty bitch.  The dead and the maggots that eat from them can and will be burned out.  Infest these nutz.


This was made for you because your to scared to work in the light, I bask in it!

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 Do people think we don’t interact with one another?  Anyway, keep it up because at the end of the day truth prevails over all things.  If my words about Ford’s works weren’t true, then why is there no defense?


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