Goodbye, Farewell

I leave folks with this, here are the proofs we leave disputing Tom Erik Raspotnik’s bullshit. We are leaving all things to include Church of Malphas. The only real church with real clergy doing real things in the real world closes its doors permanently. When the Christian ran government comes to fuck you, to bad so sad. I quote my favorite anti-hero,” They look up to me and and yell save us, I whisper back, no.”

Church of Ahriman promotes and worships a rape demon:
Tom’s admission

James Hale and Adam Daniels creates a church of rape:
This is why Hale was removed and the Church of the IV Majesties dissolved

Jeremy’s ex ran away in fear of being raped and was to interview with Tom:
Haley knows nothing

So, believe whatever bullshit you choose. Maybe one day people will stop playing on facebook and do real shit. I highly doubt it. We will no longer fight with anybody, and will move on with our lives privately doing as we have always done. This will continue to happen as long as the LHP community allows it to.

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