Update On My Legal Case

Dastur Adam Daniels

So, Thursday July 18, 2013, I received a phone call from the federal investigator. They got the information that they have been waiting on from Burger King. The funny thing is, it more outlandish than the original accusation. The federal investigator explained what was going on. I told him that was all outlandish lies that were not even apart of the original accusation, its all in the tribunal.

So I got permission to get the recording from the OESC. It was ready for pickup at 11:00 am Friday July 19, 2013. I picked that up. Kelsey and I tag teemed that monstrosity all night. Earlier, before Kelsey got home, I called several transcription services. Price would have been anywhere from $120 to $700. The federal investigator said it had to be transcribed and notarized. So I contacted the bank and they said they would notarize it for us. By 10:45 am Saturday July 20, 2013; the transcription was finished, printed, and notarized.

I will not share the transcription because it was near 8,000 words. I will however, share the tribunal audio with folks. This will give people a clear understanding of what is occurring. This is an example of how busy Kelsey and I stay dealing with reality off of FaceBook.