Ooops, I did it Again

Michael W Ford



Upon reading all this bullshit, I needed to decompress in the way I love.  I then thought I would share this new and improved version.  I must say, keeping up with style and format was a bitch.  My computer was pissed, the file was constantly cover in green due the run on sentences.  I now see why all this is self-published.  I will admit, this wasn’t as funny as the first time, but it was still amazing bring out the forbidden Knowledge of the hunky nerd.  You will see several The that are suppose to be They, and I kept those as well.  Again, any writing errors you my find are done in the same manner as the original work.  Enjoy the Tome of Qayin.



I believe I was told to piss off.  Why should I, the Hell I have dealt with has been since day one of the Coven of the Seraphim.  Funny how all your weapons are being turned back against you bitch boi!

Dastur Adam Daniels

Dastur Adam Daniels


Allow myself, to, … Introduce  myself.  I am Dastur Adam Daniels, the scariest Devil worshiping maniac out there.  So they say.  Since my appearance in that beautiful red mask:


Till now, I’ve seem as an enigma.  I’m really not, I’m just a very busy motherfucker.  Writing books, blogs, and rituals along with creating videos makes one BUSY.  Then there is daily living with my 3 beautiful daughters, and goofy ol’lady.  Plus I work a full time job to boot.  So yes, I’m Busy as a bee busting my ass to make my way into the reality set before me.  Here is a way to approach me and talk to me at your own risk… LMAO!  Least my haters would have you believe that shit.  What ever!  This will be a personal blog that will go over church stuff and anything else I might like to talk about.  To the future, I Hail Myself, Hail Ahriman!  We shall talk again soon!